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The Big Jamaica heads offshore to the New Jersey Canyons to hunt for Yellowfin, Longfin, and Bigeye Tuna.

The crew of the Big Jamaica from Brielle, NJ as they hunt down Tuna in the offshore canyons. In the video is a 260 pound bigeye tuna, the gopro does not do it justice.

Longfin (Albacore) tuna and yellowfin caught on the Jamaica from Brielle NJ October 2010

Nice Mahi Caught by Nuno DeCosta on a Canyon Tuna trip Aboard the 125' Jamaica from Brielle, NJ

Yellowfin Tuna fishing on the Jamaica from Brielle, NJ - Angelo Ruvio (Jig & Pop Magazine) Reels in a yellowfin on the 10-24-10 trip aboard Capt. Howard Bogan's Jamaica from Brielle, NJ

Mahi-Mahi on a canyon tuna trip aboard the 125' Jamaica from Brielle, NJ 2010

Canyon tuna fishing on the big Jamaica October 2010.

Albacore Special on the big Jamaica from Brielle NJ. Short video when the fishing was a little slower and I had a chance to record a some of the action.

Bluefish & Albacore on the Big Jamaica Brielle, NJ Labor Day 2010

Bluefishing on the big Jamaica from Brielle NJ before hurricane Earl passed by.

Bluefishing on the 125' Jamaica out of Brielle, New Jersey. We were fishing 16 miles east of Manasquan Inlet, bluefishing was very good with some false albacore mixed in.

800 Ashley Ave., Brielle, NJ, 08730, United States
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